Ugo CeiWelcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by.

If you were to ask me what do I do, I would say that I am an educator who helps photography enthusiasts sharpen their skills, so that they can take amazing pictures.

I do this in various ways. First of all, by providing a wealth of free content on this very website. Have a look around, if you’d like to know more.

If you want to stay up to date with any new content I publish here and on other websites I contribute to, and receive exclusive offers once in awhile, please consider joining my online community of like-minded photographers. You can use this form to subscribe.

I lead photography tours and workshop on location around Italy and elsewhere.

I co-host and publish a weekly podcast about travel photography, The Traveling Image Makers. Every week, we pick the brains of famous and not-so-famous travel photographers to learn what it means to travel for the love of photography and photograph for the love of travel.

My latest foray into podcasting is called Closing The_Gap. Every Wednesday, me and my friend Fabrizia Costa will discuss topics like what it means to have talent, or a lack of it; finding and developing a personal style; daring to produce something out of the ordinary; evoking emotions and connecting to people through photographs; dealing with criticism; achieving recognition and commercial success.

I love to travel myself and show the beauty of the world and its inhabitants to everybody. This is really an amazing planet we live on and every place and every culture possesses beauty that deserves to be shown.

I am passionate about sharing my vision as openly as possible and to keep in touch with fellow photographers, so you will find me frequently on various social media outlets. Click on the links at the bottom of every page on this site to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

Most of my work is available for licensing or as prints. Contact me at for inquiries.

Cheers, Ugo.

Media Appearances

  • Hit The Streets #55

    I was once again interviewed by my good friend Valérie Jardin for her show, Hit The Street. We discussed my favorite cameras, locations, accessories, books, and many other topics. Hit The Streets 55: Photo Faves with Ugo Cei

  • The Candid Frame #264

    I am sure most of you know about The Candid Frame, Ibarionex Perello’s venerable podcast about photography. Over the course of more than 250 episodes, Ibarionex has interviewed almost as many great photographers and industry experts.So I had to pinch myself when I received an invitation from Ibarionex to be a guest on his show. I can say I was surprised and greatly honored by it. The Candid Frame #264 - Ugo Cei

  • Street Focus 45

    I was on Valérie Jardin’s “Street Focus” podcast, where we answered audience questions about whether or not making eye contact with your subject can still be called street photography, how to handle a situation when your subject notices you and gets upset. And finally, how to gain more recognition as a street photographer. Street Focus 45 – Q&A And Street Challenge

  • 3 Colors Podcast #10

    In which I chat with host Johny Spencer about using the human element in landscape photography and share my best three tips for travel photographers. The Human Element with Ugo Cei

  • PhotoProfit 28

    I was invited by Brent Mail on his podcast about the business of photography, PhotoProfit, to discuss my 7 Habits of Highly Effective Photographers program. PhotoProfit 28 – 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Photographers.

  • ShareInspireCreate 57

    When my friend Brent Mail came down to Italy last October, I grabbed the opportunity to drive a few hundred kilometers down to Tuscany, where he was staying, and spend a couple days roaming the countryside with him and some other friends.Aside from shooting some amazing locations, we also took a few minutes to record a short interview. I think it’s a fun and informative thing at the same time, so why not spend four minutes to watch it? Read more...

  • ShareInspireCreate 31

    I was recently interviewed by those two very nice Ozzie gentlemen, Brent Mail and Johny Spencer, for their Share, Inspire, Create series. We discussed some useful techniques to apply on location to get the most out of opportunites, which is something that I always strive to do, as you certainly know. Read more...

  • "A Man For All Seasons"

    The Australian Magazine “Happy Bondi” interviewed me about travel and photography. Read more...

  • HK Photo Magazine

    I just received my copy of the Hong Kong based Photo Magazine, who just published their latest issue, which includes an interview with yours truly, illustrated by some of my best photos. My fan base is truly global now. Read more...

  • Interview with Valérie Jardin

    I had the pleasure to be interviewed by well-known photographer, educator, and blogger Valérie Jardin for her ongoing series of photographer interviews. I was totally stoked and excited at this, since her usual guests are much more affirmed and recognized than I am. Read more...

  • "Wandering Educators" Interview

    I had the great pleasure of being selected as the Photographer of the Month on Wandering Educators, a website dedicated to travel and photography. The article has a short interview with me and a selection of some of my best travel photos. Photographer of the Month: Ugo Cei


I am also a contributor to the following websites. Check them out!

  • Visual Wilderness

    Visual Wilderness is a community of dedicated photographers who are learning in a dynamic and exciting online environment. No matter where you are in your photographic journey, this is your opportunity to build your skills and develop your own unique photographic style! Visit.

  • F Stop Lounge

    The F Stop Lounge is a great resource for photographers of all kinds, amateurs and professionals included. Visit.

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