Closing the Gap Masterclass

Great photos need so much more than f-stops and shutter speeds

Did you ever find yourself thinking one of those thoughts?

  • “Photography makes me feel alive. I never get tired of shooting!”
  • “Oh, this sucks. Didn’t turn out at the way I saw it!”
  • “Trying to find my style! Aaarrgghhhhh this is so difficult.”
  • “If I think of my hard drive and all the courses and videos I bought? Embarrassing.”

Let’s face it, f-stops will only take you so far.

After refining technique and learning the magic triangle where most images seem to sink anyway, at the end of the day you’re still unhappy with what you’re doing and there seems to be no reasonable explanation for that. I mean, you’re doing everything right!

You learn some more. Composition! Rule of thirds, golden ratios, leading lines. That leads you nowhere in particular, because your photos are still a long way from where you’d like them to be. Frustrating to the hilt. And utterly boring stuff anyway.

So much so that sometimes you fall into a rut. The fickle muse has abandoned you. Inspiration only happens after exhalation and the lofty goals are as out of reach as a Tibetan monastery. What are you to do? And why does it happen?

We’ve all been through this phase, me included. The good news is that there are ways to bridge this gap (to borrow a term from Ira Glass) and–in my life as a photographer–I have learned a few of them.

Along my journey, I have also had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Fabrizia Costa. Her story of failure and return from the depths has taught her a few lessons that she is eager to share with the world.

Since me and Fabrizia think alike on so many of the issues mentioned above, we spent countless hours discussing them. At some point, we realized that it would have been selfish to keep our conclusions to ourselves, so we resolved to band together and involve as many people as possible in this conversation.

This is how the idea of the Closing the Gap Masterclass was born.

We would love if you could join the conversation and tell us what you think. For this, we are going to host a series of live video sessions where we will present our best suggestions for bridging the gap.

This is not going to be just the two of us delivering our pearls of wisdom, however. As I was saying, we’d like you to join a conversation, so there will also be a discussion forum and a users’ group, where you will be able to meet like-minded photographers and artists.

Did we mention that this is going to be absolutely FREE?

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the sign-up page and join us. There is no money and no risk involved.

See you over there!

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