4x5 film holders

How To Load Sheet Film (Film Days, Ep. 2)

On of the things I hadn’t anticipated, when I decided to start practicing large format film photography, was that I would have had to load and unload film into holders in complete darkness.

When I went to the store to collect my new 4×5 camera, the owner asked me if I had any film holders. I think my puzzled look told him everything he needed to know about my naïveté and lack of experience.

So, right after getting the camera I had to go and buy some film holders, of which I managed to find only one in the whole city. Luckily I found a few more on eBay in the following days and for much cheaper. Those things are expensive for what they are!

If you don’t know what a film holder is, it’s just a rectangular box with a divider in the middle. You load a sheet of film on each of the two sides. The film is protected by a removable dark slide until the moment of exposure.

4x5 film holders

With the holders in hand and a box of film, I now just had to load the latter into the former. Sounds easy, but when you have to do everything without looking, by feel only, I can tell you it gets complicated pretty fast.

Now that I’ve acquired some skill in performing this operation I recorded a short video to show you how it’s done. I hope it will help you, should you decide to embark on the same journey.

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  1. humm, reminds me of the days loading 6×6 film for developing or loading bulk 35mm film on cassettes to save $$$…some of my negs came out with streaks LOL good old days. Ugo thanks for sharing.

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