I ❤︎ Lightroom 6!

This panorama was obtained by stitching together six photos in Lightroom 6, using the new “Photo Merge” feature.

The best thing about this feature is that it very quickly gives you a preview, built using its internal preview images, so you can check whether the stitching will be successful. Then, when you click “Merge”, it processes the images in the background, while you can keep working on other images.

At the end of the process, it creates a DNG file that you can process it just like a RAW file.

When I tried to stitch the same images previously, using Photoshop, it chugged along for a few minutes and then failed to properly stitch them. I wasted a lot of time trying different options, to no avail, so I gave up.

Today I upgraded to LR 6 and I thought of giving another chance at this panorama. Lightroom put it together perfectly in no time. I am amazed!

I am soon going to do a live webcast, demonstrating the Photo Merge features of Lightroom 6. This will be an exclusive event for the members of my photography community. To be notified when it is announced, click here to join.

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

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