IPTC Settings Dialog in Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Tip: Set The Copyright For The New Year

It is very important that our images are correctly labeled with copyright and contact information for purposes of intellectual property protection and Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to do so, by means of Metadata Presets that are automatically applied when importing new photos to a catalog.

One image property that should always be automatically set is the IPTC Copyright field and I have my default metadata preset configured so that the value “Copyright © <year> Ugo Cei” is saved to it. Unfortunately, Lightroom doesn’t provide us with a way to set the year automatically, so we have to remember to do it manually at the beginning of every new year.

IPTC Settings Dialog in Adobe Lightroom

Here is a short video that demonstrates the steps required to perform this simple but so important and so easy to neglect operation.

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