Metadata and Copyright: My Lightroom Workflow, Part II

This is the second in a series of posts describing how I use Adobe Lightroom to manage the metadata of my photos. Part I is here.

In the previous article, I described how I configure my camera to add a copyright notice to all my photos. This is useful, but limited to a single comment field. In order to tag every image with a lot more descriptive metadata, I configured the default Metadata Preset in Lightroom to contain the information shown below:



Metadata presetThere are two things you have to be careful with:

  1. Remember to change the Copyright field every new year. In theory, you should update the copyright year every time you create a new, modified version of your image, but I guess very few people take the time to do it.
  2. When importing, make sure the Default metadata preset is selected. For some reason, sometimes it reverts to None.

Metadata Preset Choice

If despite your care this should happen, do not panic, it can be easily fixed. Select all the newly imported images in the Library module, expand the Metadata panel in the right-hand sidebar and select the Default metadata preset from the menu: Lightroom will as for confirmation and then apply the preset to all the selected images.


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