Metadata and Copyright, Part IV

This is the fourth and final part in my series about image metadata and copyright. You can find part I here, part II here, and part III here.

So you’ve been conscientiously adding copyright and contact information to all of your images as I suggested in the previous articles, but what happens to their metadata when you upload them to various photo sharing websites and social networks? Well, unfortunately not what you might expect, as this article on PetaPixel demonstrates.

Look at the chart below (source Embedded Metadata Manifesto):

Metadata preservation chart

Metadata preservation chart


Note that the row regarding Flickr is only valid for its free service. As far as I know, their pro service is much better in that respect.

Understandably, I much prefer sharing my photos on Google+ rather than Facebook.

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  1. So what does it mean exactly? The copyright is taken away since you post a picture on one of the social media websites? or is it also harmfull in any way for us?

    1. Post

      No, copyright can never be taken away from you. It just means that essential data that are useful in determining who is the copyright holder are stripped.

  2. Thanks for the blogs. I am considering switching from ACDSee Pro to LR4. My only hesitation is all the metadata I have added over the years using ACDSee: I don’t want to lose it and need to re-enter all that info for 25K+ photos. I loaded LR4 on a 30-day trial and so far LR recognized the metadata in only one folder – it failed to see the metadata from three other folders. In fact, once I closed LR and opened those same folders in ACDSee, the metadata disappeared as I was looking at it on the screen. So please tell me how I can get LR4 to recognize / import / save the existing metadata in photos I want to add to my library / catalog in LR – photos that are already on my HDD. Thanks in advance.

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