Ruined 4x5 color slides

My Expensive Mistakes (Film Days, Ep. 3)

Mistakes in film photography can be costly and the cost grows with the size of film. Unlike with digital, with film you don’t realize you have made a mistake until after it has been developed.

As I am taking up shooting film again after many years and with a new to me and fairly complicated setup, like a large format view camera, I am making a fair share of mistakes.

Those mistakes are costly because the material is not cheap, but sometimes also because I can’t easily go back to the same place and re-take that photo upon which that I had put such great expectations.

Rather than hiding my own mistakes and pretending I am too good to make them, I am showing them to everyone in the video below. I hope it will help you avoid them, if you decide to follow my route.

Shortly after I recorded this video, I opened a film holder that I believed was empty, but actually contained an exposed film sheet. That’s another photo gone forever!

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