My Lucky Moon

I got up early last tuesday to reach this location, because I had an image in my mind, with the castle lit by the rising sun against the backdrop of the distant Alps and I knew conditions were likely favorable.

What I hadn’t foreseen is that the full moon would be setting right behind the castle, as seen from my position, just as the sun would rise.

Moonset over Cigognola Castle
That was my bout of luck, because it allowed me to get this image, while the one I had planned to get didn’t came out all that well, as the mountains were barely visible through the morning haze. I was still able to salvage it by creating a virtual copy in Lightroom, process one for the foreground and one for the background, then merge the two in Photoshop. Incidentally, I used the new focus selection tool in Photoshop CC that worked like a charm in this situation.

Cigognola Castle and the Alps

I guess the moral of the story is: be prepared to change your plans and grab every chance that presents itself.

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  1. love a great moonrise;) fabulous capture!!!
    So many times the same thing has happened to me, I have learned to go with the flow, most times I don’t walk away with the shot I wanted, I walk away with so much more, The shot I was meant to get! Happy sunday, cheers;)

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