Postcards from Cinque Terre

Yesterday, while I was returning home from a business trip to Pisa, I decided to take a detour with the intention of taking some sunset/dusk pictures in Vernazza, one of the Cinque Terre.

After a long drive along very narrow, steep mountain roads, I parked my car a short distance from the town, which is a car-free, walked down to the small port and started a long, steep hike along the trail that leads to Monterosso.

I stopped at a very elevated viewpoint, where I put down my tripod and shoot some pictures while the sun was setting behind the mountain opposite the harbour:


After the sun had set, I went back down the trail and stopped at another viewpoint, where I waited until it was almost completely dark and the city lights started to come out:


If you want to go there, I suggest that you take the train from La Spezia or Genoa. Trains stop in all of the villages of the Cinque Terre and are so much more convenient than cars, especially in high season, when it is almost impossibile to find parking space.

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