Pouring Wine

By way of the Photoshelter blog, I just came upon the work of Ryan Matthew Smith. he is the photographer behind most of the pictures contained in the book Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. If you have an interest in food that looks and tastes great, you should probably buy it, but given my limited penchant for cooking, I will pass.

Too bad, I guess, because the pictures must be really great, at least judging from the few that appear on Ryan’s site. I though the photo of the wine swirling in the decanter was probably the only one I could try to replicate with the limited equipment I own, so I set up to do my own version. The image below is the best one from today’s shoot: not nearly as good as Ryan’s one, but not bad either, I think.

Pour Shot #3: Wine

Tech notes: Decanter sits on a sheet of white plexiglass. Background is a sheet of white cardboard, lit by a single speedlight through a micro softbox. f/8 @1/200s.

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