Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, England

The End

The podcast is dead. Long live the podcast.

Just a short announcement to let everyone know that this is the last episode of my photography podcast in its current form.

Starting January 2nd, 2019, this podcast will transform into the Closing The_Gap Podcast, a new show that I will be doing with my friend Fabrizia Costa.

We plan to publish weekly episodes on Wednesdays and we will be covering much the same topics I’ve been talking about here: how to live a fulfilled life as an artist and how to be successful with photography.

If you are subscribed to this show on Apple Podcasts or one of the other services, like Stitcher, there is nothing you have to do, as you will automatically be subscribed to the new show.

You can also keep up with the show and send us your questions and comments at closingthegap.live. See you there!

Closing The_Gap, the Podcast
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