Out Of Chicago 2018 Summer Photography Conference

The Out Of Chicago 2018 Summer Photography Conference Just Launched

Won’t you please come to Chicago?
No one else can take your place.

So used to sing Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young back in the day.

This song always pops in my head at around this time of the year, when I am making arrangements once again to go and speak at the Out Of Chicago 2018 Summer Photography Conference, arguably my favorite photography event all around.

Once again, I will be back to the Windy City this summer, from June 22nd to 24th and, just like last year, I will be giving two talks. The topics and the time of the talks are not 100% defined, as there are still a few details to iron out, but I expect a detailed program to be announced soon.

What’s nice about this year’s conference is that, unlike last year, all mini-workshops and photowalks, from Friday night to Sunday, are included in the price of the conference. Isn’t that great?

I would love to see you in Chicago this summer. We’ll talk photography, go shoot together in the city, share food and drinks, and generally have a ton of fun!

Use the button below to reserve your seat now, but act quickly, because the conference is likely to sell out quickly.


Just before the plenary conference, me and my friend Ralph Velasco, with whom I host The Traveling Image Makers podcast, will be teaching a travel photography workshop. It will be a full day of travel photography instruction, out-in-the-street shooting and detailed image review and critique session.

We have created a workshop that will both challenge and inspire participants to create a set of images that tells the story of a place. The day starts with two distinct classroom sessions, one by Ralph about the importance of working from a shot list in order to tell the story of a place, and the other by me where I’ll discuss the secrets of travel portrait photographers and shooting strangers.

After the classroom sessions, as if on assignment for a magazine, participants will be given the task of creating a set of 7 or 8 images that tells a cohesive story and go out into the streets to shoot, with us along for optional guidance.

The end result will be presented to the group during the final session of the day, an image review and critique session overseen by your instructors.

You must register for the workshop separately from the main conference and we think that, at $199 only for a full day of instruction by two professional photographers, it’s a steal. The classroom size is also limited to 15 students, so you’ll have plenty of time for 1-on-1 interaction with us.

Book the workshop now!

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