Secrets of Travel Portrait Photographers

Learn to take beautiful travel portraits in every situation

Are you unsatisfied with the portraits you take of the people you meet while traveling?

Would you like to know how to overcome your natural shyness and ask strangers to pose for you?

Is it hard for you to figure out the best light, camera settings, when to use and not to use flash?

If so, then we are here help you!

Me and my buddy Robin Yong have written our eBook, Secrets of Travel Portrait Photographers just for you!

Download the FREE eBook.

Secrets of Travel Portrait Photographers book cover

This eBook is available for FREE for a limited time. After this time, it will be put up for sale, so grab it now while it’s free!

Using our best travel portraits as examples, we will show you the tricks and techniques we use to capture them, everywhere in the world and under every light condition imaginable.

Topics covered by the book include:

  • Choosing your subjects and interacting with them
  • Bridging the cultural divide
  • Finding and exploiting the best light
  • When and how to use flash
  • Posing and capturing gesture
  • Tips about composition

I had a chance to get early access to this eBook on travel portrait photography. I can recommend it to anyone looking at starting or getting better at capturing people in addition to places when traveling.

Greg Klebus
Basel, Switzerland

Inside the Classroom © Robin Yong

Sisters © Robin Yong

Bumblebee © Robin Yong

Pakistani Workers at Al Thowarah Hot Springs, Oman

Black haired girl holding onto handrail inside subway carriage in Milan, Italy