Simple Marketing Strategies for Photographers

Simple Marketing Strategies For Photographers

Five Things You Are Not Doing To Grow Your Business Today

I get a lot of emails and messages from people who would like to make money from their photography, generally along the lines of:

  • I want to see fine art prints
  • I’d like to break into stock photography
  • I need to supplement my income
  • I am struggling to find clients
  • I would love to quit my day job and take up photography full time

The problem that many of those people have is that they don’t realize that you can’t just expect customers to find you. This is where marketing comes in.

I know that many photographers and artists tend to consider marketing as kind of a sleazy activity, something that unscrupulous salespeople do to peddle substandard products to a naïve public, but it doesn’t have that way.

Done ethically and properly, marketing is just another name for informing the public about what you do and what you sell.

I learned this myself the hard way, hoping that customers would just find my website and never studying the basics of marketing. Needless to say, it didn’t work very well.

Only after I started reading books and articles, attending seminars, and putting in practice what I had learned, things finally started turning in the right direction.

As I believe that knowledge wants to be shared, I decided to distill what I had personally found to be working into a concise set of strategies and share them with everyone.

What you will find here

I have identified five strategies that every creative professional should employ to grow their business. Chances are, if you are finding it hard to reach and convert customers, you are not doing all of these, and possibly not even one. They are:

  1. Build Your Mailing List
  2. First create the market then create the sales
  3. Tune your 6 second pitch
  4. Invest in networking before content marketing
  5. Start Before You’re Ready

These strategies are all cost effective. I am an advocate of being smart with your finances, rather than spending thousands of dollars on ads, for example. Most of them are free, even though some may cost you some time – time well spent.

Whether you’re just starting your business or have an established one you would like to grow, I am confident the strategies I have detailed here will help you succeed.

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Simple Marketing Strategies for Photographers – Five things you are not doing to grow your business today

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Praise for "Simple Marketing Strategies for Photographers"

I read your book and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. You have packed lots of good information into a short book. I’m going to use some of your ideas to promote my website, especially the ones about networking.

Andrew Gibson
The Creative Photographer

I wish I had the “Simple Marketing Strategies For Photographers” book to guide me through the earlier stages of my blogging and photography business. It would definitely help me to grow my blog's audience at much faster rate.

Viktor Elizarov

I read this book before it was published and found it remarkable. It is packed full of insights for the photographers who want to learn more about marketing their work.

Jay Patel
Visual Wilderness

Short, sweet, and to the point. Unlike so many other “guides” I’ve seen, this is really pleasant to read and full of advice that actually works! I wish I had something like this when I started, and I still can’t believe you’re giving it away for free. You definitely packed a lot of value in here. On behalf of all photographers… thank you!

Fabrizia Costa