Woman reading a newspaper outside of a café in London

Street Fashion in London

Some time ago, I spent a day stepping out of my comfort zone in London, first in Soho then around St. Paul, while attending a Street Photography workshop.

We played with motion blue, panning, intentional camera movement, extreme angles, shooting fashion in the middle of crazily busy Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon, up and down the subway escalators, up and down St.Paul’s staircase.

Manual exposure, manual focus, fixed ISO for the most part was definitely a challenge. Having to tackle all the variables while minding composition and expression and trying not to be ran over by a double-decker bus was even more of a challenge, but it was a ton of fun.

For the most part, I shot in RAW, but had the camera preset to B&W, following our instructor’s advice to concentrate on exposure and framing, rather than color. I am now processing many of the images into B&W, but the backdrop in this one was too good not to keep it in color.

Street Fashion
I even managed to snap a few decent pictures, amidst a ton of blurry, unsharp and badly composed ones. I collected them in the gallery below. If you came here for landscapes, tough luck, but I pride myself in specializing about not specializing.

In the Alleyways of Soho

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