Canal Grande, Venice, Italy

Blue Hour Venice

Just a classic view of the Canal Grande in Venice, taken from the Accademia bridge. Shot at the blue hour, because there is no better time of day to convey the timeless romanticism of Venice. Equipment used: Fujifilm X-E2, Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R. Exposure data: Six images taken at f/10, 15s, 200 ISO and stitched together in Photoshop.  

Oltrepo Pavese, Italy

Take Me Home, Country Roads

A little demonstration that sometimes the best locations are in our backyards. In this case, less than one hour’s drive from home. With the right light, every landscape can be magnificent. Equipment used: Fujifilm X-E2, Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR. Exposure data: Three exposures at 1/8s, 1/15s, and 1/30s, f/11, ISO 200. Merged as HDR using Adobe Lightroom …

Black haired girl holding onto handrail inside subway carriage in Milan, Italy

Street Fashion in Milan

Ever since I saw some photos by Alex Lambrechts, I’ve been wanting to do a shoot mixing street and fashion photography and finally the dream has become reality. A few weeks ago, I contacted a friend of a friend who does some modeling and hired her for a couple hours. We went to Milan and I asked her to just …