The Extraordinary Ordinary

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that in less than two weeks, my next exhibition will open here in my home town of Pavia, Italy.

Of course, I know that some of you might be too busy (yeah, sure) or too far away (I’m thinking of people stuck on the ice shelf off Antarctica and a few others) so I’ve got something for you too.

This is a slim, magazine-format booklet that I’ve prepared to accompany the exhibition. Aside from having printed 50 copies of it, that will be given for free to the first 50 visitors to the gallery, I have made it available for purchase on for the low price of 7€ (or $8.91).

At 28 pages, it contains more than 30 of my best images, including all those that will be in the exhibition, of course. There’s a PDF version too, if you don’t like dead trees.

Just so you know, there is a bit of text inside and it’s all in Italian, except for a quote from a Victorian gentleman that I just didn’t feel like translating. As I am going to give this away at the exhibition, I thought it made sense to use Italian, but even if you don’t understand a word of Dante’s language, I am sure you will appreciate the images.

A full preview is viewable down here, so you can judge whether a few pages in Italian are just too much. Maybe I will do an English version, one day, but don’t take my word on this.

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